Google is great but many of the sites you find in google about microscopy and microscopes seem to bring
up lots of stuff we don't want to see. So we created a dedicated search engine, primarily for hobby microscopists,
educationalists, and well - mostly optical microscopy for those that want to know more about the things you can
see in the small scale world.

Who are we?

We are www.microscopy-uk.org.uk

We search our site first but this engine doesn't just search our site, it searches all microscopy related sites with English as the first language (a few in other languages) which we believe serve people who own or want to own an optical microscope and want to know more about using it for hobby microscopy and for educational reasons. Microscopes, accessories, micro life, and subjects you would study under a microscope: they are all here in one place.

Are we doing it right? No?

Tell us here.

Your site indexed!

If you run a site based on any aspect of optical microscopy (non-commercial except one-man-band) or about the things studied
with an optical microscope and would like us to include your site for free, please email us the site url here.

Was my site indexed?
If we index your site regularly and suddenly it's missing from our search, probably it glitched on the last run. Why? Who knows. Normally it's bandwidth and your server not delivering page links when requested. This halts our search engine so we by-pass it and try next time. Sites which glitched on the last run can be found here.

Use our search engine on your site
Would you like to use our search engine on your page, Nice and simple. Here's how!

Using Categories
People using this search engine may be interested in purchasing a microscope or microscopy accessories. Microscopes are heavy items to ship across the globe, so most buyers should find microscope sellers in their country or continent. You can select to search for microscopes and relevant accessories for sale in your own country by selecting the appropriate tick box before performing the search.

If you just want information about microscopy related topics - use default category All or Misc.

Using Google instead
If you can't find what you want on our search engine, try 'USE GOOGLE INSTEAD {auto}' and we'll try and work out your language and send you to the google site of your country. You will leave this site. If you wish to come back afterwards, please use your browser 'BACK' option. We did this because some people may wish to see if their book or something they created or something they need to find is available or searchable somewhere else in the world other than in an English speaking country or their own country of residence. If we don't take you there automatically (we are updating this feature all the time and we're still working on this), try '
{manual}' and we'll take you to a page where you can select Google search engine for your country or language.


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